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Motion by Councillor Mowat - City's Greenspaces

Meeting: 11/06/2020 - Policy and Sustainability Committee (Item 26)

Motion by Councillor Mowat - City's Greenspaces

Motion by Councillor Mowat - City's Greenspaces


Council notes that entering Phase 1 out of Lockdown has seen large numbers using the City’s parks and greenspaces (to be understood as areas not formally designated as parks but under the Council’s management)  to enjoy time together, whilst the majority of people have enjoyed these spaces in a responsible manner there has been an increase in litter and overflowing bins reported; barbecues scorching grass and anti-social behaviour have also been reported which negatively impacts on those using the parks and greenspaces appropriately and the close neighbours of these areas; the Council is proud of the improved quality of its parks as measured by the increase in Green Flags awarded and the parks and greenspaces are much needed to provide access to green space for those without gardens so it is important that they can be used by all, many of our parks have Friends Groups who cannot currently meet in person but who have worked with the Council to enhance the management;

Council calls for a report in 1 cycle:

1.    detailing how officers have responded to this after the weekend of 30/31st May,

2.    What engagement there has been with Friends groups to understand the issues of particular parks;

3.    whether staff currently not able to access normal place of employment could assist with increased litter clearance or park patrols to enforce appropriate behaviour in the parks, and

4.    the feasibility of improved, large format signage encouraging responsible behaviour being displayed in parks and greenspaces, particularly during busy periods.”

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