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Meeting: 04/02/2021 - City of Edinburgh Council (Item 8)

By Councillor Kate Campbell - Allocation Policy

By Councillor Kate Campbell - Allocation Policy

“Notes that a report on Allocations policy is due to the next Housing Homelessness and Fair work committee and agrees the report will include:

1)           An analysis of the Scottish Housing Regulator requirements on allocations and our compliance with those policies.

2)           A detailed appraisal of how homes are allocated to people with specific housing needs and particularly how accessible homes are allocated to ensure that they are allocated to those who have accessibility requirements.

3)           An analysis of our policies around exceptional need and how we are meeting the housing needs of exceptionally vulnerable groups, including but not limited to how we meet our own policies on housing for people who have experienced domestic abuse and care experienced young people.

4)           Identify areas where vulnerable people may be experiencing additional barriers to access to housing or where processes could be improved to ensure outcomes are met.

5)           Identify additional actions that we could take to ensure that those barriers are reduced and that there are pathways for people who are at risk, including processes around management transfers.

6)           Requests officers examine the case for a robust escalation route for cases of exceptional need, including multi-agency and interdepartmental working to ensure that checks and balances are in place, and that we remain transparent and fair in our allocations policy, but that where there is urgent need because of risk of harm we have a process for ensuring that housing needs are met.”

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