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Meeting: 11/03/2021 - City of Edinburgh Council (Item 8)

By Councillor Whyte - Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion

By Councillor Whyte - Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion


1)         Notes with concern that the Scottish Government has withdrawn the funding promised in 2018 to provide a replacement for the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh;

2)         Notes that the current building is over 50 years old and has been deemed “not fit for purpose” by NHS Lothian and that this has implications for the care received by patients in Edinburgh and the Lothians;

3)         Understands that waiting times for routine treatments, such as for glaucoma, and removal of cataracts can be extremely long and notes that NHS Lothian has been consistently underfunded by the NRAC funding model over many years;

4)         Agrees that the Council should work with our partners in NHS Lothian to restore the promised funding to retain these vital services in Scotland’s capital giving access and equity to residents in Edinburgh and across all the Lothians rather than see them “dispersed” to West Lothian.

5)         Instructs the Council Leader to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Health demanding reinstatement of this cut in infrastructure funding for NHS Lothian and seeking that our partner NHS Board is fully and fairly funded in future.”

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