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Meeting: 29/04/2021 - City of Edinburgh Council (Item 8)

By Councillor Watt - Women's Safety in Public Places

By Councillor Watt - Women's Safety in Public Places

“Council deeply regrets that it has taken the murder of Sarah Everard, Bennylyn Burke & Wenjing Lin to bring women’s safety in public spaces to mainstream attention across the country.

Council notes the need for structural change across society and its institutions ought not to be used as a reason for doing nothing in response to this problem.

Council agrees to bring a report to Policy & Sustainability within two cycles, detailing any actions to improve women’s safety, including embedding considerations within risk assessments, placemaking and any other organisational changes to positively impact safety of women in Edinburgh.

This report should identify options for a consultation around the public places and spaces in Edinburgh where women feel safe, where they feel less safe and what can be done to improve their safety. With actions being reported back to the appropriate committee.”

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