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Meeting: 17/06/2021 - Transport and Environment Committee (Item 9)

Motion by Councillor Miller - Vision Zero

Motion by Councillor Miller - Vision Zero


1.    Notes that there have been 74 fatalities and 1,433 serious injuries within this authority area due to collisions during the last decade

2.    Notes the decision agreed unanimously at a meeting of full council on 25 August 2020:

“requests that all reasonable action is taken to continue to improve road safety for cyclists including that a new Edinburgh 'Vision Zero' Road Safety Plan - which aims that 'all users are safe from the risk of being killed or seriously injured' on the City's roads - is developed to replace the existing plan and is reported to the Transport & Environment Committee.”

3.    Calls for the above Edinburgh ‘Vision Zero’ Road Safety Plan to be finalised and reported within two cycles to this committee.”


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