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By Councillor Booth - Cycle Parking Technical Guidance

Meeting: 25/11/2021 - City of Edinburgh Council (Item 8)

By Councillor Booth - Cycle Parking Technical Guidance

By Councillor Booth - Cycle Parking Technical Guidance


1)         Notes the recently reported rise in cycle thefts in Edinburgh, with the capital responsible for over a third of Scottish statistics, and an increase of over 10% in thefts in the capital compared with last year;

2)         Notes that safe, secure, well-lit and convenient cycle parking at both origin and destination locations can significantly reduce the chance of a bicycle being stolen, and is also essential to encouraging more people to cycle;

3)         Welcomes the recent changes to the Permitted Development (Scotland) Order which removed the requirement for planning permission for certain small bike storage sheds;

4)         Notes with dismay that the Planning technical factsheet "Cycle Parking in New Developments", which at the meeting of full council in December 2018 the Planning Convenor said he was keen to publish "as quickly as possible" has still not been published;

5)         Therefore agrees that the council will urgently consult with Sustrans, Spokes and any other organisations with expertise in cycle parking as it sees fit, and present draft technical factsheet(s) on cycle parking to the next meeting of Planning Committee for approval.”

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