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Meeting: 31/01/2023 - Education, Children and Families Committee (Item 9)

Motion by Cllr Burgess - Learning for Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

Motion by Councillor Burgess – Learning for Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

“This Committee:

1.         Welcomes the Sustainability Workshop held at Darroch annex in December with pupils, teachers, education officers, advisors and councillors from the Education Committee.

2.         Recognises the good work that is happening in Edinburgh schools on sustainability including, initiatives by schools such as Trinity Primary, St Thomas’, Boroughmuir and Holyrood High schools, the 1.5Max project and the Edinburgh Learns for Life Sustainability board, and further recognises from the workshop that there are significant opportunities to be more effective in learning for sustainability and rising to the challenge of how to engage all schools in an already busy curriculum.

3.         Believes that given the ongoing climate and nature emergency and the importance of young people understanding and contributing to this transformational challenge that learning for sustainability is a key priority for education.

4.         Understands that there are actions at a national level to further support and enhance learning for sustainability that this council could call for including:

·         Amendment of the National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan drivers and ensuring that sustainability is a key element in a refreshed national curriculum.

·         Requirement for ‘How Good Is Our School?’ (HGIOS) inspections to specifically report on sustainability.

·         Revision of GTCS training for new teachers, and refreshing sustainability training for existing teachers, following the 2018 United Nations IPCC ‘code red’ report.

5.         Notes that there are also actions that could be taken at a Council level including:

·         Creating a full-time Quality and Improvement Education Officer for sustainability to enhance support and co-ordination of learning for sustainability in schools and the work of the sustainability board.

·         Including learning for sustainability and climate & nature emergencies in School Quality Improvement Plans.

·         Climate and nature emergency training for all Council teachers and staff.

6.         Therefore, given the above, calls for a report on how learning for sustainability including the climate and nature emergencies can be developed and enhanced.”



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