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Meeting: 20/04/2023 - Transport and Environment Committee (Item 9)

Motion by Councillor Thornley - Parkgrove Drive

Motion by Councillor Thornley – Parkgrove Drive (Drum Brae/Gyle Ward 3)

“Committee notes:

-           that Parkgrove Drive is a well-used walking and cycling route for pupils attending Clermiston Primary School. 

-           that the recommended “quiet route” is less direct, less well-used and less clearly identified than a route including Parkgrove Drive.

Committee further notes:

-           that Parkgrove Drive is used regularly as a “rat run” by westbound drivers from Queensferry Road via Parkgrove Avenue to Drum Brae North.

-           the important role played by the supported 68 bus service. 

-           the poor condition of the road surface and footway on this stretch of road, presenting dangers to both pedestrians and cyclists.

Committee therefore calls for a report back to Committee in two cycles outlining options, while protecting the supported 68 bus service, to:

-           make Parkgrove Drive safe for pedestrians and cyclists, especially school pupils. 

-           reduce “rat running” in the area.

-           improve the road and footway surface.”

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