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Meeting: 12/11/2019 - Culture and Communities Committee (Item 10.1)

By Councillor Staniforth - Edinburgh's Christmas


Motion by Councillor Staniforth – Edinburgh’s Christmas



1.       Notes the motion agreed by Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee on 29 October entitled “Edinburgh’s Christmas”, including the detailed supporting information.


2.       Notes the availability of a range of different hard standing spaces which offer an alternative setting for Christmas and Hogmanay events.


3.       Agrees to urgently collaborate with Underbelly to look at options to relocate the Christmas Market from East Princes Street Gardens to a hard standing space in central Edinburgh to enable contracted events to take place and which would allow East Princes Street Gardens fully to open for general public use.

4.       Agrees that council contractees failing to apply for planning permission on time sets a bad example and that in future all cultural events associated with the council will be expected to apply for planning permission (and all other relevant permissions) before the construction of any structure begins.

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