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1. Order of Business

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Order of Business

Including any notices of motion and any other items of business submitted as urgent for consideration at the meeting.

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2. Declaration of Interests

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Declaration of Interests

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in the items of business for consideration, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of their interest.

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3. Deputations

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If any

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4. Minutes

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 194 KB

Minute of Policy and Sustainability Committee of 10 June 2021 – submitted for approval as a correct record

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5. Forward Planning

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Work Programme pdf icon PDF 163 KB

Work Programme – August 2021

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Rolling Actions Log pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Rolling Actions Log – August 2021

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6. Business Bulletin

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Business Bulletin pdf icon PDF 199 KB

Business Bulletin

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7. Executive Decisions

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Adaptation and Renewal Programme Update pdf icon PDF 737 KB

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2030 Climate Strategy - Consultation and Engagement Update pdf icon PDF 222 KB

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Declaration on Food and Climate pdf icon PDF 160 KB

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Appointments to Working Groups 2021/2022 pdf icon PDF 190 KB

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Update on Monitoring Officer Report pdf icon PDF 142 KB

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Seafield Sounding Board pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Seafield Sounding Board – Report by the Executive Director of Place

(Note: Councillors Booth, Mary Campbell, Child, Griffiths, Laidlaw, Munro, Staniforth and Ethan Young have been called for this item)

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Scottish Government Consultation - New Year's Day Trading pdf icon PDF 357 KB

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Edinburgh Integration Joint Board Progress Report pdf icon PDF 193 KB

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Edinburgh Response to the Mental Welfare Commissions Report - Authority to Discharge pdf icon PDF 260 KB

Edinburgh Response to the Mental Welfare Commissions Report - Authority to Discharge – Report by the Chief Officer, Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

(Note: Councillors Doggart and Howie have been called for this item)

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Social Care Charging Policy pdf icon PDF 258 KB

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Youth Work in Community Centres and Other Locations pdf icon PDF 533 KB

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8. Routine Decisions

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Internal Audit Overdue Findings and Key Performance Indicators as at 27 April 2021 - referral from the Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Internal Audit Overdue Findings and Key Performance Indicators as at 27 April 2021 - referral from the Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee

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9. Motions

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By Councillor Jim Campbell - Ventilation

By Councillor Jim Campbell – Ventilation

“1)      Committee recognises that most people spend more time indoors than outdoors and acknowledges the emerging literature on the significantly elevated risks of airborne transmission of COVID 19 within poorly ventilated indoor spaces, most recently outlined in the report by Prof Peter Guthrie commissioned by Sir Patrick Vallance, The UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.

2)       Committee notes:

·       that governments around the world are urgently investigating indoor air quality within buildings to better understand any emerging risks;

·       that poorly ventilated School Buildings are a particular cause of concern, and evidence suggests they can negatively impact the development of children; 

·       that few standards exist around indoor air quality, and it is not a subject that is widely understood in the context of today’s buildings, despite being a design principle in Victorian times;

·       that inexpensive monitoring of carbon dioxide levels within a building are a very good proxy of overall indoor air quality and could be rapidly deployed in the City of Edinburgh estate.

3)       Committee commends Council Officers for having distributed carbon dioxide sensors to Head Teachers and requests the Chief Executive to prepare an urgent report for this Committee in one cycle on indoor air quality across the most heavily used buildings in the Council estate.  This should include the data gathered by Head Teachers with an accompanying commentary covering the methodology used and observations so far.

4)       Finally, the Chief Executive is asked to indicate a level of carbon dioxide concentration in high use indoor Council settings above which Members should be concerned that an unreasonable risk of Coronavirus transmission exists.


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Motions and Amendments pdf icon PDF 329 KB

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