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1. Order of Business

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Order of Business

Including any notices of motion and any other items of business submitted as urgent for consideration at the meeting.

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2. Declaration of Interests

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Declaration of Interests

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in the items of business for consideration, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of their interest.

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3. Deputations

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If any.

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4. Minutes

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 207 KB

Minute of the Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee of 3 October 2023 – submitted for approval as a correct record

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5. Forward Planning

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Work Programme pdf icon PDF 119 KB

Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee Work Programme

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Rolling Actions Log pdf icon PDF 375 KB

Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee Rolling Actions Log

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6. Business Bulletin

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Business Bulletin pdf icon PDF 167 KB

Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee Business Bulletin

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7. Executive Decisions

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No One Left Behind – Stage 1 Provision 2024-27 pdf icon PDF 261 KB

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No One Left Behind – Next Phase pdf icon PDF 148 KB

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UK Shared Prosperity Fund Update pdf icon PDF 275 KB

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Edinburgh Fair Work Charter pdf icon PDF 212 KB

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Place/Homelessness Financial Monitoring pdf icon PDF 177 KB

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Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) 2024-29 pdf icon PDF 584 KB

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Housing Emergency Action Plan pdf icon PDF 196 KB

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Land Strategy to Support Delivery of Affordable Housing and Brownfield Regeneration pdf icon PDF 143 KB

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Response to Motion by Councillor Campbell - Waste and Cleansing Services on Council Housing Estates pdf icon PDF 136 KB

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Tenant Participation and Community Engagement - 2024/27 pdf icon PDF 1005 KB

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Affordable Housing Commuted Sums - Referral from the Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 286 KB

Affordable Housing Commuted Sums - Referral from the Planning Committee

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8. Routine Decisions

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The EDI Group – annual update for the year ending 31 December 2022 pdf icon PDF 611 KB

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9. Motions

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By Councillor Caldwell - EdIndex during the Housing Emergency

By Councillor Caldwell - EdIndex during the Housing Emergency



1.       That Edinburgh Council and Housing Associations run EdIndex as a single portal to try and match residents with social-rent properties, with over 24,000 registered applicants (RRTP Aug 23).

2.       EdIndex utilises a points-based system and bidding to match residents to potential homes, and notes that FY22/23 saw 185 average bids per property (EPC Oct 23).

3.       That Edinburgh Council declared a Housing Emergency on 2nd November 2023 which requested progress monitoring and further partnership working with RSLs.


4.       A report in three cycles which outlines:

a)       Key statistics from EdIndex over FY 23/24, including:

          a.       number of applicants registered on EdIndex.

          b.       total number of successful and unsuccessful bids in the FY.

          c.        average number of days applicants on different priority tiers.

b)       A full list of partner organisations who are associated with EdIndex and the benefits that EdIndex partners, including the Council, receive.

c)       What alternative systems comparable local authorities use.

d)       A general summation of feedback from applicants over the last year and any relevant mechanisms/proposals to collect feedback from unsuccessful and successful applicants and third sector partners, as well as any proposals to maximise social equity in the system in the context of the Housing Emergency.

5.       The information requested in 4. a, b, and c is appended to the annual ‘Edinburgh in Numbers’ report to ensure transparent public monitoring during the Housing Emergency.

6.       Prior to the publication of the above report, a meeting between any elected members, relevant Place Directorate officers and EdIndex Board members (who wish to participate) is arranged to better understand the successes and challenges around EdIndex in the context of Edinburgh’s wider Housing Emergency declaration.”

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By Councillor Hyslop - Discretionary Housing Payments

By Councillor Hyslop - Discretionary Housing Payments


“Notes that Councillors were informed of funding pressures affecting Discretionary Housing Payments through a briefing note circulated on 1 November.


Notes that DHPs which are awarded to mitigate the effects of the Bedroom Tax and the Benefit Cap will not be affected.


Notes that the Edinburgh is one of the few authorities who make awards for DHP for citizens looking to move to more appropriate/affordable accommodation to support with rent in advance, deposits and removals.


Notes with concern that pressures outlined in the briefing note and the decision to cut back on these supports means that the council will be less able to support one off funding awards to support citizens to stay in their tenancies and avoid homelessness.


Believes that decisions taken with the aim of saving money to reduce funding pressures, which subsequently lead to an increase in homelessness are unlikely to achieve their aim and will potentially lead to a higher cost for the Council and significantly worse outcomes for residents.


Requests a report to HHFW Committee within 2 cycles with an update to committee which outlines the potential for an increase in homelessness and associated costs to the council if DHP's are withdrawn as set out in the briefing note.”

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Motions and Amendments pdf icon PDF 162 KB

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