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1. Order of Business

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Order of Business

Including any notices of motion and any other items of business submitted as urgent for consideration at the meeting.

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2. Declaration of Interests

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Declaration of Interests

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in the items of business for consideration, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of their interest.

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3. Deputatations

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If any

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4. Minutes

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Minute of 02.03.21 pdf icon PDF 180 KB

Minute of Education, Children and Families of 2 March 2021 – submitted for approval as a correct record


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5. Forward Planning

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Work Programme pdf icon PDF 91 KB

Work Programme

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Rolling Actions Log pdf icon PDF 338 KB

Rolling Actions Log

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Racism Action Tracker pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Racism Action Tracker

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6. Business Bulletin

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Business Bulletin pdf icon PDF 554 KB

Business Bulletin

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7. Executive Decisions

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Report Regarding Petition - Review Cuts to English as an Additional Language for Dalry Primary School pdf icon PDF 479 KB

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Response to Incidents Survey pdf icon PDF 706 KB

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Promoting Equality pdf icon PDF 6 MB

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Edinburgh Learns for Life pdf icon PDF 602 KB

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Lifelong Learning Service Plan Update pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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Education Standards and Quality Report (1) pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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Young Carers Services pdf icon PDF 2 MB

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Early Years Expansion to 1140 Funded Hours - Progress and Risk Update pdf icon PDF 316 KB

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Relationships, Learning and Behaviour Procedure pdf icon PDF 703 KB

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Renewal of NHS Lothian Service Level Agreements pdf icon PDF 135 KB

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South East Improvement Collaborative - Edinburgh Focus Summary pdf icon PDF 289 KB

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Attainment in the Senior Phase, 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 587 KB

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School Session Dates 2022-2025 pdf icon PDF 637 KB

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Sistema Scotland - Big Noise Orchestra Programme pdf icon PDF 293 KB

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Wester Hailes High School - Change of School Name pdf icon PDF 102 KB

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Internal Audit - Overdue Findings and Key Performance Indicators as at 10 February 2021 - Referral from the Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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8. Motions

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Motion by Councillor Mary Campbell - Deferred Start Funding

Motion by Councillor Mary Campbell – Deferred Start Funding:

“1.1 Committee notes that each year a number of families whose children are due to start school before the age of 5 contact the council seeking to defer the start of primary school for a year and to secure funding for a further year in a pre-school setting; committee further notes that children who are not 5 until the following January or February will automatically get government funding for a deferred year if they so apply, but that those whose 5th birthday falls August to December are funded on a case by case basis by the council.

1.2 Committee notes the forthcoming change in deferred places funding for children starting primary school, which means that from 2023, children born from August to December will also be able to get deferred early learning and childcare places funded by the Scottish Government.

1.3 Committee recognises that under previous deferred places rules, Edinburgh had a large number of deferred places applications, and that the forthcoming change may increase pressure on early years places.

1.4 In light of the pending changes Committee therefore requests a report, by December 2021, on the preparations that need to be made to build capacity for this change, with a specific focus on how to level the application playing field so that the council can ensure that the children most in need of a deferred start are encouraged to apply.  

1.5 For the August 2021 intake, Committee also recognises the unique circumstances of the year past and the level of applications for deferrals from parents concerned that their children have not been able to develop as well with so much time spent out of nursery; and so agrees to fund any non-granted requests from those families who have already applied for term 2021/2022; committee notes that this number will be known for certain after the appeals committee meets on the 13th of May, but will be fewer than 55 children.

1.6 The finance needed to resource 1.5 should be referred to full council on 27 May 2021.

1.7 Committee also agrees that Convenor should write to the Minister for Childcare and the Early Years and COSLA to request consideration to be one of the pilot Council areas for 2022/2023, in order to learn as much as possible about the likely impact, and so the Scottish Government can gain data from a large local authority with a likely high uptake rate.

1.8 Committee also mandates the Convenor to write to the Minister for Childcare and the Early Years and COSLA to request additional legislative work to consider the circumstances of premature children, in light of evidence showing that premature birth is linked to additional learning challenges, and that premature children whose birthdays fall outside the considered deferral period but whose expected due date would have qualified them for deferred enrolment are put at a double disadvantage.

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Motions and Amendments pdf icon PDF 256 KB

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