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1. Order of Business


Order of Business

Including any notices of motion and any other items of business submitted as urgent for consideration at the meeting.

2. Declaration of Interests


Declaration of Interests

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in the items of business for consideration, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of their interest.

3. Deputatations



If any

4. Minutes


Minutes pdf icon PDF 160 KB

Minute of Education, Children and Families of 15 November 2022 – submitted for approval as a correct record


Additional documents:

5. Forward Planning


Rolling Actions Log pdf icon PDF 453 KB

Rolling Actions Log


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 120 KB

Work Programme

6. Business Bulletin


Business Bulletin pdf icon PDF 199 KB

Business Bulletin

7. Executive Decisions


LOVE Gorgie Farm - Response to Emergency Motion by Councillor Day


Edinburgh Secure Services and Residential Estate Update pdf icon PDF 872 KB


Technology in Education pdf icon PDF 141 KB


Third Party Revenue Grants Programme Extension pdf icon PDF 251 KB


School Admissions and Appeals Update pdf icon PDF 204 KB


Early Years Thematic Review on Quality pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Quality Improvement and Scrutiny Update pdf icon PDF 934 KB


Improvement in School Attendance pdf icon PDF 115 KB


Teams Around the Learning Communities pdf icon PDF 138 KB


Outdoor Learning pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Bikeability in Primary Schools pdf icon PDF 326 KB


Renaming the Education and Children's Services Directorate pdf icon PDF 95 KB

8. Routine Decisions


Revenue Monitoring 2022-23 - Month Eight Position pdf icon PDF 101 KB


End Poverty in Edinburgh Annual Report 2022 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

End Poverty in Edinburgh Annual Report 2022 – referral from the Policy and Sustainability Committee


Performance Update Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Performance Update Report – referral from the Policy and Sustainability Committee

9. Motions


Motion by Cllr Burgess - Learning for Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

Motion by Councillor Burgess – Learning for Sustainability and the Climate Emergency

“This Committee:

1.         Welcomes the Sustainability Workshop held at Darroch annex in December with pupils, teachers, education officers, advisors and councillors from the Education Committee.

2.         Recognises the good work that is happening in Edinburgh schools on sustainability including, initiatives by schools such as Trinity Primary, St Thomas’, Boroughmuir and Holyrood High schools, the 1.5Max project and the Edinburgh Learns for Life Sustainability board, and further recognises from the workshop that there are significant opportunities to be more effective in learning for sustainability and rising to the challenge of how to engage all schools in an already busy curriculum.

3.         Believes that given the ongoing climate and nature emergency and the importance of young people understanding and contributing to this transformational challenge that learning for sustainability is a key priority for education.

4.         Understands that there are actions at a national level to further support and enhance learning for sustainability that this council could call for including:

·         Amendment of the National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan drivers and ensuring that sustainability is a key element in a refreshed national curriculum.

·         Requirement for ‘How Good Is Our School?’ (HGIOS) inspections to specifically report on sustainability.

·         Revision of GTCS training for new teachers, and refreshing sustainability training for existing teachers, following the 2018 United Nations IPCC ‘code red’ report.

5.         Notes that there are also actions that could be taken at a Council level including:

·         Creating a full-time Quality and Improvement Education Officer for sustainability to enhance support and co-ordination of learning for sustainability in schools and the work of the sustainability board.

·         Including learning for sustainability and climate & nature emergencies in School Quality Improvement Plans.

·         Climate and nature emergency training for all Council teachers and staff.

6.         Therefore, given the above, calls for a report on how learning for sustainability including the climate and nature emergencies can be developed and enhanced.”




Motion by Councillor Louise Young - Queensferry/Kirkliston High School Consultation

Motion by Councillor Louise Young - Queensferry/Kirkliston High School Consultation

“Committee notes:

a.    The consultation on whether to extend Queensferry High School (QHS) or build a new Kirkliston High School (KHS), has recently closed on 16th January

b.    Over 850 responses have been received which officers are now reviewing

c.    A report will be presented to the March 2023 meeting of the Education, Children & Families (ECF) committee on the outcome of the consultation and next steps

d.    A deputation by the Kirkliston Parents Association (KPSA) is due to attend the January 2023 committee meeting

e.    In the consultation submission by the KPSA several questions are asked - the answers to which may be useful to members as they consider the deputation and in advance of making any decisions in March

Committee therefore requests a member bulletin to all members of the ECF Committee, by 28th February, providing answers to the KPSA submission, as detailed below:

Extension of Queensferry High School

1.    Is a school of such a significant size appropriate for the location – significant impact on the surrounding area (parking, traffic, potential for anti-social behaviour, adequacy of indoor and outdoor space for sport, recreation, dining etc)?

2.    What possible solutions there are for transporting children there safely given surrounding roads are narrow and residential?

3.    What pre-planning advice has been sought from Planning and Roads departments?

4.    Are the benefits of a larger school (as mentioned in the consultation paper) substantiated by performance in other schools greater than 1,800 in Scotland?

A new Kirkliston High School (KHS)

5.    What realistic sites have been identified for a KHS, taking into account practical factors such as flood risk/high pressure gas line, and what interest shown by landowners in selling the sites?

6.    Is there an opportunity for a KHS to share non-core subject choice with QHS ensuring all ends of academic spectrum are catered for?

7.    Are there any other primary schools which could potentially be included in this catchment?

8.    Taking a long-term view beyond the 2030 city plan, how realistic is it that there will be no further housing in and around Queensferry or Kirkliston over the next 10-20 years?

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