Venue: Dean of Guild Court Room - City Chambers

Contact: Taylor Ward  Carolanne Eyre


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1. Order of Business

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Order of Business

Including any notices of motion and any other items of business submitted as urgent for consideration at the meeting.


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2. Declaration of Interests

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Declaration of Interests

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in the items of business for consideration, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of their interest.


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3. Deputations

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If any.


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4. Minutes

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 136 KB

Minute of the Regulatory Committee of 7 August 2023 submitted for approval as a correct record


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5. Forward Planning

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Work Programme pdf icon PDF 133 KB

Regulatory Committee Work Programme

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Regulatory Committee Rolling Actions Log

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6. Business Bulletin

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Regulatory Committee Business Bulletin

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7. Executive Decisions

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Short Term Let Enforcement in Edinburgh pdf icon PDF 157 KB

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Public Entertainment Licensing: Application Fees pdf icon PDF 150 KB

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Criminal Records Checks for Taxi and Private Hire Car Driver Licence Applicants Born or who have Resided Outwith the United Kingdom pdf icon PDF 174 KB

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Houses in Multiple Occupation Best Practice Guide - Update After Consultation pdf icon PDF 339 KB

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8. Routine Decisions

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Routine Decisions


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9. Motions

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By Councillor Ross - Definition of City Centre Ward 11 for Market Operator Licences


Committee notes:

1.    The Council’s objective for full cost recovery across Licensing operations.

2.    The decision of the Regulatory Committee, following a review of all licence fees in 2015, to NOT include any part of the Meadows in its higher pricing regime for City Centre Ward 11.

3.    Boundaries Scotland changed the boundary of City Centre Ward 11 to include the Meadows west of Middle Meadow Walk with effect from May 2017.

4.    The unintended negative consequences of the change at 3) above on community-led events.


Committee agrees:

5.    Where events are led and run by the local community, to remove the whole of the Meadows (East and West) from the Market Operator fee structure for City Centre Ward 11.”

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