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Motion by Councillor Lang - Lothian Buses

Motion by Councillor Lang - Lothian Buses


1.       Committee recognises the critical role of Lothian Buses in providing high quality public transport across the city, thereby helping the Council to reduce congestion, improve air quality and help Edinburgh become carbon neutral by 2030.


2.       Committee believes that, as a publicly owned company, Lothian Buses should:

          a)       operate in as open and transparent a manner as possible.

b)       be open to having its performance and decision making          scrutinised by elected councillors.

c)       have an opportunity to highlight how the Council can better support its operations.


3.       Committee therefore agrees:

          a)       that the Convener invite the managing director and chair of         Lothian Buses to give a presentation to the committee at a        future meeting, with an opportunity for committee members to      ask questions.

b)       that such an agenda item should become an annual part of the     committee’s work-plan.



The following motion was submitted by Councillor Miller in terms of Standing Order 16: