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Motion by Councillor Macinnes - Severe Climate Change Impact

Motion by Councillor Macinnes - Severe Climate Change Impact




1. acknowledges that Summer 2022 has brought the UK many reminders of the devastating climate changes being created by how we live our lives. We have seen, for example, fires and flooding, as well as extreme weather events, occurring throughout Europe and close to home.


2. recognises the urgent need to move quickly towards the goals expressed in the city’s 2030 Net Zero Carbon Goals and to prevent any disruption towards that progress.


3. reaffirms its commitment to see the measures already agreed in key strategies, such as the City Mobility Plan, the Water Management Vision and the City Centre Transformation, acted upon as quickly as possible to help ensure that, here in Edinburgh, we do what we can to contribute to a better, more sustainable way of life which reduces the negative impact we have on our environment and the subsequent future of this city and its residents.


4. calls on this administration, and all councillors, to act effectively on matters of climate change and to keep our 2030 Net Zero Carbon Goals at the centre of decision-making at every level, alongside poverty reduction and the reduction of inequalities in the city.”