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Motion by Councillor Cowdy - Better Buses for Ratho

Motion by Councillor Cowdy - Better Buses for Ratho

“Committee notes:

1.     The current Service 20 is a subsidised bus service running between Ratho and Chesser. 

2.     The current provider is McGills after First Bus agreed to sell its First Scotland East business and all its routes in the region to McGill’s Group in September 2022.

3.     That there have been significant challenges delivering the existing service and the route and frequency of the service falls short of what is required by the residents of Ratho.

Committee understands:

1.     The residents of Ratho are exasperated by the existing service with buses failing to turn up, the limited frequency, and that the route itself fails to meet their needs.

2.     Unreliability is impacting decisions residents are making and they are now reliant on private cars and taxis to attend work, medical appointments, leisure, school, and further education.

Committee further notes:

1.     The poor evening service means residents cannot use public transport due to safety concerns walking from Ratho station and there is no guarantee any bus to the village will appear.

2.     Young people under 22 are unable to take advantage of the benefit their Young Scot National Entitlement Card should provide.

3.     Committee therefore requests a report to Transport and Environment Committee, in July, that identifies and provides a suitable public transport solution for the residents of Ratho to include (but not limited to):

·                 Reviewing the existing contract to ensure the service tendered is being provided.

·                 Assessing alternative options that have been presented previously to officers and elected members from Ratho and District Community Council, including a shuttle to local transport hubs such as train stations and park & rides.

·                 Reviewing alternative routes.

·                 Retendering as soon as is practicable.

·                 Meeting with stakeholders at RBS Gogar to consider innovative ideas including extending their shuttle bus service.”