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Motion by Councillor McKenzie - T7 Longstone Link

Motion by Councillor McKenzie – T7 Longstone Link




1)       Notes that application 22/02233/FUL for Planning Permission at 22 Inglis Green Road has been granted and that the development will include 120 flats.


2)       Notes the report to the Development Management Sub-Committee of 24 January 2024 regarding the delivery of a pedestrian bridge at this site. The proposed bridge would connect Inglis Green Road to New Mart Road providing a much-needed active travel connection between Longstone/Redhall and Chesser.


The report states:


“Advice from internal consultation, Bridges and Structures, estimated that a 3m wide pedestrian bridge development would cost £560,000. The applicant has agreed to contribute up to 30% of the estimated cost, £168,000.”




“The remaining finances would be applied for via the Transport Scotland Active Travel Transformation Fund.”


3)       Notes that the proposed bridge is in the Local Development Action Programme and is safeguarded in the proposed City Plan but does not currently appear in the Active Travel Action Plan.


4)       Recognises the importance of establishing active travel links before the travel patterns of new residents are established and therefore agrees to proceed with the project at the earliest opportunity. 


5)       Requests a Business Bulletin update to the next Transport and Environment Committee on 7 March 2024 which will provide an update on the progress of the funding application and an estimated timeline for delivery of the bridge, including consideration of the feasibility of completing the bridge in advance of new residents moving into the development.”