Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Robert Aldridgen/an/an/a
Councillor Scott Arthurn/an/an/a
Councillor Gavin Barrien/an/an/a
Councillor Eleanor Birdn/an/an/a
Councillor Chas Boothn/an/an/a
Councillor Claire Bridgmann/an/an/a
Councillor Mark Brownn/an/an/a
Councillor Graeme Brucen/an/an/a
Councillor Steve Burgessn/an/an/a
Councillor Lezley Marion Cameronn/an/an/a
Councillor Jim Campbelln/an/an/a
Councillor Kate Campbelln/an/an/a
Councillor Mary Campbelln/an/an/a
Councillor Maureen Childn/an/an/a
Councillor Nick Cookn/an/an/a
Councillor Gavin Corbettn/an/an/a
Councillor Cammy Dayn/an/an/a
Councillor Alison Dickien/an/an/a
Councillor Denis Dixonn/an/an/a
Councillor Phil Doggartn/an/an/a
Councillor Karen Dorann/an/an/a
Councillor Scott Douglasn/an/an/a
Councillor Catherine Fullertonn/an/an/a
Councillor Neil Gardinern/an/an/a
Councillor Gillian Gloyern/an/an/a
Councillor George Gordonn/an/an/a
Councillor Ashley Graczykn/an/an/a
Councillor Joan Griffithsn/an/an/a
Councillor Ricky Hendersonn/an/an/a
Councillor Derek Howien/an/an/a
Councillor Graham Hutchisonn/an/an/a
Councillor Andrew Johnstonn/an/an/a
Councillor David Keyn/an/an/a
Councillor Callum Laidlawn/an/an/a
Councillor Kevin Langn/an/an/a
Councillor Lesley Macinnesn/an/an/a
Councillor Melanie Mainn/an/an/a
Councillor John McLellann/an/an/a
Councillor Amy McNeese-Mechann/an/an/a
Councillor Adam McVeyn/an/an/a
Councillor Claire Millern/an/an/a
Councillor Max Mitchelln/an/an/a
Councillor Joanna Mowatn/an/an/a
Councillor Rob Munnn/an/an/a
Councillor Gordon Munron/an/an/a
Councillor Hal Oslern/an/an/a
Councillor Ian Perryn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Raen/an/an/a
Councillor Alasdair Rankinn/an/an/a
Councillor Lewis Ritchien/an/an/a
Councillor Cameron Rosen/an/an/a
Councillor Frank Rossn/an/an/a
Councillor Neil Rossn/an/an/a
Councillor Jason Rustn/an/an/a
Councillor Stephanie Smithn/an/an/a
Councillor Alex Staniforthn/an/an/a
Councillor Mandy Wattn/an/an/a
Councillor Susan Webbern/an/an/a
Councillor Iain Whyten/an/an/a
Councillor Donald Wilsonn/an/an/a
Councillor Norman Workn/an/an/a
Councillor Ethan Young000
Councillor Louise Youngn/an/an/a